Facts about Refundmore


  • Refundmore is a Danish-based legal company, which assists travellers throughout Northern Europe with legal assistance regarding flight disruption matters.

  • We represents the passenger against the airline. If we win the case, our fee is 30%. If our collected technical evidence suggests the passenger is not eligible for compensation, there will be no fee and our work is free. No cure - no pay.

  • Refundmore was founded in 2014 and today consists of 55 employees.


Flyhjælps tre stiftere: Johan Thybo, Gustav Frederik Thybo og Philip Brechmann


The founders of Refundmore: Johan Thybo, Gustav Frederik Thybo & Phillip Brechmann

Claiming compensation directly from the airline, might be a very difficult, time-consuming and complicated process. Often the airline denies to pay and refers to statements, which the passenger has no possibility of investigating the validity of. At Refundmore, our mission is to bring justice to travellers and to make sure that the affected passengers receive the compensation they are entitled to from the airlines.

Refundmore consists of legal experts in air passengers rights. Furthermore, we are authorized by the state of Denmark and Sweden to collect compensation on behalf of air passengers all over the world.

Interested in writing about the rights of air passengers? We would be happy to share stories from passengers who finally received their entitled compensation, current figures and interesting facts.


Alex Kirkeberg
CMO, Head of Press Relations

+45 30 71 72 01

[email protected]

Ready to claim your compensation? Delayed or cancelled flight?

Refundmore helps you get compensation of up to 600 Euros (540 Pounds) if your flight was delayed or cancelled

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