Refundmore is a Danish-based legal company, which assists travellers throughout Northern Europe with legal assistance regarding flight disruption matters.

Claiming compensation may be a difficult task against often reluctant airlines that knows that passengers will give up on their rights if they make the process long and legal. We at Refundmore has made it our mission to help these normal people claim justice from the airlines and get the compensation that they so often are entitled to.

We are experts in the law on passenger rights and can help you claim your compensation from the airlines today.


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Refundmore live on the danish morning as experts on passenger rights

Facts about Refundmore

  • Refundmore is a danish company that helps passengers in Danmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
  • We work on a no cure, no pay business model, which means that our service is free of charge if we cant help you receive the compensation. If we are successful, which we are in most cases, we have a fee of 30% of the claimed amount. The compensation will be transferred to your bank account.
  • Through the last years, we have received thousands of good reviews and are proud to say that we have a score of 4,7 on Trustpilot.
  • The company was founded in 2014 and today has 54 employees.

Who are Refundmore

Everything started with a delayed flight, and since then, the three founders have built a company that has 54 employees striving to bring justice to travellers. We assess passenger's case and give them the legal representation they need to receive their compensation from the airlines. We currently have more than 4000 ongoing court cases on behalf of passengers.


Flyhjælps tre stiftere: Johan Thybo, Gustav Frederik Thybo og Philip Brechmann

Refundmore's three founders 

Ready to claim your compensation? Delayed or cancelled flight?

Refundmore helps you get compensation of up to 600 Euros (540 Pounds) if your flight was delayed or cancelled

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