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Flight disruptions cause great discomfort for many business people and companies. However, confronting the airlines about compensation might be a time consuming and complicated process itself, and companies and busy business travellers often find it very time- and resource-demanding to make a claim on their own.

At Refundmore Business, we are offering an opportunity to secure your entitled compensation along with free and competent legal counselling.




Partnership with Refundmore

How do I ensure I get rebooked to the first available departure if the flight is cancelled? What if my luggage is lost? And how do I ensure that the airline reimburses all my extra expenses associated with a flight disruption? A partnership with Refundmore ensures that you and your colleagues will never be on your own during flight disruptions.

A partnership with Refundmore Business means that you will have direct access to our legal hotline. Furthermore, you are immediately informed of your rights if any problems arise at the airport. We are happy to help you with your rights and advise you about which steps to take if you are in a situation where you or your clients experience being cancelled, delayed or overbooked.

In other words, Refundmore will be your legal partner whenever experience a flight disruption. We will assist you in getting your entitled compensation from the airline.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. We are looking forward to assisting you and making sure that our service meets your needs.

Ready to claim your compensation? Delayed or cancelled flight?

Refundmore helps you get compensation of up to 600 Euros (540 Pounds) if your flight was delayed or cancelled

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