Rights when missing a connecting flight
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The law states that air passengers are entitled to appropriate compensation if they miss a connecting flight due to a delayed arrival at a stopover airport. The difference between the original time of arrival and the actual time of arrival at the final destination must be over 3 hours and be due to the missed connection. If the above circumstances apply, passengers are eligible for compensation of EUR 250 (£225), EUR 400 (£360), or EUR 600 (£540) depending on the flight distance.

If you would like to determine whether you are entitled to compensation for your missed connection, and how much you may be entitled to receive in compensation, enter your information in our compensation calculator on our front page.

Meals during stopovers after a missed connection

Airline passengers are also eligible for meal compensation if the total delay exceeds 2 hours. If an airline passenger has incurred expenses for food, drink, transport between airport and hotels, or phone calls due to a missed connection, the passenger is entitled to reimbursement for those expenses after presenting receipts to the airline.

Have you missed your connecting flight at a stopover in the evening or overnight hours? If the next available flight departs significantly later, you are also entitled to a hotel stay at the airline's expense. Have you missed your connection at a stopover and had been offered a new departure in less than 3 hours? In this case, the airline is not required to offer accommodation. If the next departure from your stopover location is not available until the following day, you will normally be entitled to hotel accommodation.

Always save receipts for your purchases. We have will contact the airline on your behalf to obtain reimbursement for the costs associated with your delay. Be aware that your reimbursed expenses must be within a range of what one would reasonably expect relative to the duration of the delay. For example: you should not book a 5-star hotel if there is a 3-star hotel in the immediate vicinity of the airport, and you should settle for a sandwich instead of a 5-course dinner. If you overspend, as described above, you will typically be reimbursed for only a portion of your expenses.


Rettigheder ved misset mellemlanding

You might be entitled to compensation if you missed a connecting flight.

Exceptional circumstances and missed connections

According to EU regulations, a passenger is not entitled to compensation at the standard rate if a flight delay from the departure airport is caused by "exceptional circumstances."

Exceptional circumstances include:

  • Industrial action (planned as well as spontaneous)
  • Unusual weather conditions (weather which reduces visibility and presents a safety risk)
  • Terrorist/military action (an event which constitutes a threat to the general welfare)
  • Curfew/flight ban at the airport
  • Acute illness or medical emergencies affecting passengers

Here is a list of circumstances that are not considered "exceptional circumstances":

  • Technical problems
  • Insufficient flight crew / crew shortage
  • Crew change or awaiting crew members from another flight
  • Traffic and congestion at the airport
  • Ground services or airline operational reasons

If you, as an airline passenger, miss a connecting flight at a stopover due to a delay, then you have the right to have your onward journey rescheduled, so that you arrive at your final destination at the earliest opportunity. Alternatively, you may buy new tickets through another airline. In this case, you are then entitled to recover the price difference should the new flight cost more than the original flight.

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