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Refundmore give your customers the best service when they are unlucky during their flight


Flight delays and cancellations cause great discomfort to the traveller. When flight delays occur, travel agencies can assist their customers and avoid dissatisfaction by raising awareness of passenger’s rights outlined under EC Regulation 261/2004.


At Refundmore we excel in one particular area: looking out for your customers' interests when challenges arise at any part of their flight from departure to arrival. Our lawyers are experts in this legal domain and can advise passengers of their rights and further assist them in obtaining compensation from the airline according to EC Regulation 261/04.


A partnership with Refundmore is free of charge, and as such, you will not incur costs when you seek our legal expertise or utilise our additional services. Refundmore only collects a fee if the customer chooses to initiate a case at Refundmore and we successfully obtain compensation. Our fee amounts to 20% of the compensation received exclusive of VAT.


Does your customer know that you often can receive a greater compensation through the airline than through the travel agency when the flight is delayed?

Benefits for travel agencies when partnering with Refundmore:


Enhanced customer service

Delight your customers with a positive, simple solution when they require assistance for a delayed or cancelled flight. With Refundmore, you can turn an unfortunate event into a surprisingly positive experience.


Free legal advice

Call our expert team of lawyers to get qualified advice on delays, cancellations, EU regulations, and the Package Travel Act.


Avoid paying compensation under the Package Travel Act

Travel agencies do not have to pay compensation to customers who have already obtained compensation from the airline.


Customers receive their rightful compensation

We collect compensation on behalf of your customers. Uncooperative airlines can be brought to court if necessary. Customers receive a higher rate of compensation than if they had been compensated through the Package Travel Act.

Feel free to contact us through phone +44 1760 300 084 or mail [email protected] If you want to know more or see examples of what working with Refundmore might look like.

Gustav Thybo Founder and CEO

Gustav Thybo

Founder and CEO

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Claim manager

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