Refundmore GDPR

Refundmore take the utmost care when handling our customers' personal data, which are handled in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

By accepting the following conditions for the management of your personal information, you are also declaring yourself to be 16 years of age or older. 


It is important to us that your personal information stays secure and safekept. Refundmore and Flyhjælp ApS (owner of Refundmore) guarantees that this personal information is managed in accordance with the applicable EU regulations for the management of personal data (EU-regulation 2016/679). Management of your information is based on the following data protection principles:

- Personal information is managed legally, fairly and in a transparent way
- Collection of personal information is done entirely with a specified and legitimate purpose in mind, and information is not further processed in a way that is incompatible with these purposes
- The gathered personal information is sufficient, relevant and restricted to what is necessary for the purpose of our management of your case
- The personal information is correct and updated as necessary with any changes
Personal information is entirely stored for the period of time necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were collected.
- The organisation undertakes to store personal information safely through a range of technical and organisational measures

Which personal information do we collect?

When starting a case at Refundmore, you are asked to lodge the following information about you and the ones you travel with:
- Name
- Address
- Phone number
- E-mail
- Booking number
- Bank information
This information is necessary for Refundmore to handle your case.

In some cases, you might be asked to send a copy of your photo ID additionally. This is because some airlines may require this to handle your claim for compensation. If your case goes to court, you may possibly be asked to send your national ID-numbers too depending on in which country the airline has been brought to court.

We collect some information about you when you visit our website in order to personalise and enhance our content and to increase the value of the ads that are shown on the site.

Why is your personal information collected?

The purpose of collecting your personal information is primarily for Refundmore to claim the compensation on your behalf. Furthermore, we use the information to optimise our service and content. After your case has been closed, your information will be used for statistical purposes.
Your bank information will only be used to transfer your compensation. In some cases the airline will transfer your compensation to you directly - In these cases your bank information will be passed on to the airline. Neither Refundmore, Refundmore's partners or the airlines has access to withdraw money from your account.

How is your information managed and stored?

Your personal information is used entirely for the purpose of which they were collected and is only stored for as long as they are necessary to this purpose.
Refundmore stores your personal information for as long as they are necessary to your case. After your case has been closed, your personal information which connects to you individually will be deleted after a certain period.
Refundmore has made the necessary technical and organisational measures to make sure that your personal data is safely stored, which also accounts for measures to avoid that your information does not accidentally or illegally ends up deleted, published, lost, impaired or becomes knowledge for unauthorised parties, or is managed in violation to the regulations. External parties can not force access to your information.

Sharing data with a third party

To collect your compensation on your behalf, it is necessary to pass on your personal information to the airline for which your claim has been made against. It might be necessary to also share your personal data with courts, traffic boards and our lawyers, if the airline does not accept the claim of compensation. Furthermore, your data is shared with some key partners. Refundmore requires that all partners that receive personal information about you are accountable to the applicable regulation.

Sharing of your data outsides EU

Sharing your personal information outside the jurisdiction of EU can bring some riscs. The commission is only liable for the security of your personal information as long as they are managed by an EU-country or countries which the commision has deemed to have a sufficient level of scurity when managing your personal information.
If the airline, which your claim is made against, is found outside of EU, we will be required to share some of your personal information. We only share the information which is absolutely neccesary to collect your compensation.

The right to your information

You always have the right to request insight in which personal information we are managing about you. If you have any suspicion that the information we gathered about you is wrong or misguided, you are entitled to get these corrected. You also have the right to withdraw your consent to your personal information. If you wish to withdraw your consent before the case has been closed, will we possibly require a fee of the potential compensation as it appears in our terms of sale.
All inquiries regarding protesting, correcting or deleting of personal data is sent to [email protected] Tag your inquiry with 'personal data' in the tagline.

You also have the opportunity to submit a complaint to Datatilsynet(DK) or Datainspektionen(SE), which is a Danish data protection agency/Swedish data protection agency, if you think that refundmore violated rules regarding your personal information.


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