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You could be entitled of up to 600 Euros (540 Pounds) per passenger

Delayed or cancelled flight?

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1. Check how much compensation you are entitled to receive

Click "Check your compensation" at the top of the page and check if you are entitled to receive compensation and how much . You could be entitled to 540 £ per passenger.

2. Let us do the work

It only takes 3 minutes to start a case with us. Afterwards, you can lean back while we handle the judicial struggle with the airline and claim your compensation for you.

3. Get your compensation

We transfer the compensation directly to your bank account. If we win the case, our fee is 25 % incl. vat. Our service is entirely free of charge for you, if we do not win.

We win 98% of our cases

High pay-out rate

We win 98% of all our started cases. This is because we are experts when it comes to the laws and regulations of air passenger rights, and we are always ready to take your case all the way to court.

No start-up fee

Our fee is 25 % incl. vat of the obtained compensation – even if we need to bring the case to court. Our service is entirely free of charge for you, if we do not win any compensation.

The full compensation

We will pay you all compensation that you are entitled to. We can also assist getting the airline to refund your expenses for hotel, transport and food and drinks during delays, provided that you saved the receipts

About Refundmore

We help air passengers get compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight

Refundmore is a team of British and European experts in air passengers rights. Along with our partners, we have helped more than 70.000 passengers claim compensation from the airlines that are often resisting or refusing to pay passengers their rightful compensation.

We strive to deliver the best service possible and will handle all the time consuming and difficult work so our customer can sit back, relax and wait for us to transfer the compensation. We will keep you updated throughout your case, so you know how far we are, and the status of your case.

You are safe when you choose Refundmore as your partner, we are duly authorised to handle claims on behalf of passengers.

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How much compensation am I entitled to?

If you experience a delay, cancellation or overbooking of your flight, you could be entitled to a financial compensation. The amount of the compensation depends on the distance of the flight. In some cases, the circumstances do not entitle you to get compensation or they may entitle you to a reduced compensation. You can calculate if - and how much - you are entitled be compensated by clicking the button "Calculate compensation".

Cancellations and overbookings

In cases of overbooking or cancellation where the airlines offer to re-book you on to an alternative flight for your destination, be aware that the amount of compensation is halved, if you arrive at your destination:

  • under 2 hours after your scheduled arrival time for flights shorter than 1.500 km.
  • under 3 hours for journeys inside EU on flights between 1.500 km and 3.500 km.
  • under 4 hours for flights longer than 3.500 km.

Does the law apply?

The European regulation finds its usage when the departure airport is located inside the EU. You are also covered if you depart from an airport located outside the EU traveling to an EU country with an EU-based airline. Check-out the table below. On flights departing inside the EU and arriving inside the EU, the maximum compensation is 400 euro, even if the travel distance is more than 3.500 km.

Departure EU airline Non-EU Airline
From the EU Yes Yes
From outside the EU to an EU country Yes No

Compensation in Pounds

Cause Less than 1.500 km 1.500-3.500 km More than 3.500 km *
Delayed more than 3 hours 225 £ 360 £ 540 £
Overbooked 225 £ 360 £ 540 £
Cancelled flight 225 £ 360 £ 540 £
Others 0 £ 0 £ 0 £

The airlines often try to drag-out processing of a case

We are experts on the relevant regulations covering your right to compensation. We handle all necessary communication with the airline who will often try to resist or delay paying your compensation.

It is our goal to deliver the best service on the market and to handle all of the complicated work, to let our customers lean back and wait for their compensation to get transferred. We will continuously keep you updated about your case throughout the entire process. You can always follow the status of you case by clicking the personal "follow your case"-link that we sent you.

There have been many long and difficult cases between passengers and airlines since the adoption of the European regulation 261/2004. Some of these have resulted in principal judgments that have helped ensuring the rights of air passengers.

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