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 35 legal experts

Benedikte, Lawyer and head of lawsuit

35 legal experts

We are specialized within the European air passenger law and we are always ready to handle your case - if necessary, all the way to the proper authorities.

 By using Refundmore you are not alone

Laurits, Legal case handler

By using Refundmore you are not alone

It may be difficult and complicated as an individual to win against the airline. We help you and make sure that you are constantly informed throughout the process.

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Guxi, Legal Support

The best and cheapest on the market

If we are not able to help you, there will be no fee and our work has been for free.

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Go to "Claim compensation". Fill in your travel route. Our calculator will instantly compute whether you might have the right to a monetary compensation.

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When you have opened a case, our legal specialists will keep you posted on the process all the way.

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If the claim leads to a pay-out you will pay the agreed fee, which is equivalent to a maximum of 30% - Should the case go to court, an additional 15% will be charged to cover legal costs.


Any doubt about your rights?

We are specialized in communicating with the airlines in order to support you in avoiding a long and complicated complaint process. By using Refundmore as a legal partner, you will gain knowledge of your rights as an air passenger. When creating a case at Refundmore, you will be associated to a personal legal case manager who ensures that you are constantly informed throughout the process.

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How can I claim compensation?

On your own

Complicated and slowly

No financial risk

Time-consuming and stressful

Limited experience and knowledge

High risk the airline rejects your claim


Quick and very easy

No financial risk ( no cure, no pay)

We win 95% of all cases

Using own attorney and lawyers

Takes only 2 minutes to create a case. Refundmore will handle the rest

Experts at rights of air passengers

6 years of experience


Very expensive and complicated

High financial risk

Long and very costly process. The longer, the more expensive.

Often none, or limited experience with similar cases

Time-consuming and stressful

We sue the airlines to make sure that you receive your compensation

We are legal specialists within air passengers rights and handle all communication with the airline on behalf of you, as the airlines often neglect their responsibility of the flight disruptions.

Based on experience, most of the airlines make it difficult for an individual to obtain compensation. Most often, passengers claims are ignored, and in other cases the airlines reject the claim with wrongful explanations. This makes the situation even more complicated because the only option from here is to bring the case to court - which is time consuming and expensive for an individual.

Therefore, Refundmore subpoena the airlines (free of charge for you), if you have a legal claim according to EU-Regulation 261/2004. We make sure to provide you with the best service and will keep you updated throughout the process.

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