1. No win – No fee
Flyhjelp arbeider ut fra prinsippet om "no win - no fee". Så lenge du ikke mottar en utbetaling til din konto har vårt arbeid vært gratis.

2. The service fee
If you receive a payment in your bank account after Refundmore has sent a legal claim to the airline on your behalf, the service fee to Refundmore is 30 % of the payment.

Clients in Denmark pay a service fee that is equivalent to a maximum of 30% of the received amount.

3. Lawsuit fee

In case it is a necessity to bring the case to court to gain the payment from the airline, extra legal work will have to be carried out by Refundmore's own legal depatment or by an extern lawyers.

A fee for the lawsuit procedure will in this case cost an additional 15 % of the claimed amount (the principal amount) in court.

For clients in Denmark the lawsuit fee is a set amount equivalent to a maximun of 15 % of the claimed amount.

4. Exchange fee

In most cases Refundmore will receive the claimed amount from the airline in EURO, hence we will forward your share to you in EURO. Our clients' own banks may charge an exchange fee.

A more specific price overview can be found in our Terms on our homepage, and will also be received by our clients in form of a pdf by email at the case opening.

All prices are VAT included.


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