Extra expenses when flights are delayed or cancelled

Read about your rights to get your extra expenses reimbursed

When experiencing a flight disruption, you may - in addition to compensation as well, get your extra expenses reimbursed by the airline, consisting of food, drink, transportation and hotel. As an individual, it might sometimes be difficult to know when you are entitled to get your extra expenses reimbursed. Below, Refundmore has included the most important things you have to be aware of, concerning your rights to get extra expenses covered by the airline. These only apply, if your flight has been delayed for at least than 2 hours.

What am I entitled to during a delay?

In general, you may be eligible for compensation if your flight has been delayed with more than three hours from an EU-city or with an EU-airline, and if the delay is the airline’s responsibility. But when the delay has exceeded 2 hours, you are entitled to:

  • Sending emails.
  • Make two telephone calls, provided by the airline.

Furthermore, the airline must offer you food and drink when your flight is:

  • 2 hours delayed and if the flight distance is less than 1,500 km.
  • 3 hours delayed and if the flight is between EU states and the distance is more than 1,500 km.
  • 4 hours delayed and if the flight is from a state outside the EU and to a state in the EU, or vice versa, and the distance is more than 3.500 km.

Please note that airlines rarely offer passengers meals and drinks during delays. If you are buying this yourself, the airline must reimburse the expenses. Expect only to get meals within a reasonable price range reimbursed. In a British airport, this would generally be in the range between £10 and £15 per passenger. You will not get refunds from purchasing alcohol, cigarettes or any unnecessary or expensive purchases. Please remember to save all receipts, so that Refundmore might be able to assist you in having your purchases reimbursed- even if the airline refuses your claim.


In general, there are no specific guidelines for when flight disruptions make passengers entitled to accommodation. But passengers will typically be entitled to accommodation, if the flight disruption occurs late in the evening, or if the new departure time is not yet scheduled.

If the airline has not provided you with accommodation and your new flight is scheduled for the following day, the airline has to refund your overnight hotel expenses. It is important that you choose a hotel in a reasonable price range, otherwise, you risk that the airline refuses to reimburse your expenses or only acknowledges parts of the expense. Make sure that the receipt for the hotel stay is a proper receipt with dates of stay, the price for the room, guest name and hotel name and address. We recommend that you make contact with an airline representative in the airport, or email or call the airline after a cancellation. Save your contact attempt as a screenshot etc - i.e. phone log.

You reserve the right to discontinue the flight during delays and cancellation

If the flight disruption makes you more than 5 hours delayed due to a cancellation, you have the right to discontinue the flight, and to have your fare reimbursed. However, you will no longer be able to get your flight rebooked, if you choose a refund, but your right to compensation still remains.

The rights interpreted above are parts of the EC-regulation 261/2004, which refers to the rights of air passengers.

In case we have left you with further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling us +45 89 88 22 96 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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