Flight Delay and Compensation

Was your flight delayed? Here you can read about your options for receiving compensation.

Did you know that if within the last three years you have experienced a flight delay or cancellation, you have the opportunity to receive up to 4,500 DKK in compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004?

At Refundmore, we are experts in passengers' rights regarding flights. We assist you in claiming the compensation you are entitled to from the airline..

Your rights in case of flight delay - in brief

Do you want a quick overview of your rights in case of a delayed flight? You'll find them right here:

  • As a general rule, you are entitled to compensation ranging from 250 EUR to 600 EUR for a flight delay if you arrive at your travel destination 3 hours or more later than scheduled.
  • If you wait for 2 hours or more at the airport, you have the right to meals and refreshments.

To be eligible for compensation, it requires:

  • Checking in on time
  • Experiencing the flight delay within the last 3 years
  • The flight delay being the airline's responsibility
  • Your flight departing from an EU airport (regardless of the airline) or landing at an EU airport (if it is a European airline)

You may be entitled to compensation whether you are traveling on your own vacation, for work, or if you purchased your flight as part of a package trip.

If you want to read more about your rights, you can find the complete overview further down on this page, where we have gathered all the necessary information you need.

Financial Compensation for Flight Delays

The right to financial compensation for flight delays is not explicitly stated in the law. However, through legal precedents, it has been established that passengers who experience delays of more than three hours are entitled to compensation, as it is considered equivalent to a flight cancellation.

What should I do when my flight is delayed?

We understand that it can be challenging to avoid feeling a bit stressed when you find out that your flight is significantly delayed, and you won't reach your destination at the planned time. Fortunately, there are some things you can do right now to have the best experience in the moment and ensure the most efficient and straightforward compensation process.

When your flight is delayed, and you want to claim compensation, there are a few things you should be aware of:

  • It is crucial to keep all relevant travel documents. This includes your boarding pass and any receipts or parking tickets if applicable.
  • Ask your airline for a written confirmation of the flight delay, indicating the reason for the delay.
  • Take pictures as evidence of your flight delay. This could be pictures of departure boards and screenshots of your communication with the airline.
  • Note the new arrival time at your travel destination.
  • Request the airline to pay for your meals and/or refreshments. Keep receipts for food and drinks you consume at the airport while waiting for the next flight.
  • Do not sign or accept any offers that might waive your rights, as you may lose your rightful compensation.
  • You can choose to wait or cancel the flight if the delay lasts for more than 5 hours.
  • In the case of a prolonged delay, you can ask the airline to pay for a hotel room for overnight accommodation. Remember to keep all receipts.
  • Save all additional receipts if the flight delay ends up costing you extra money.
  • Submit your case to Refundmore, and let us assist you in receiving your rightful compensation.

Every year, Europeans lose money due to flight delays

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of their rights when experiencing a flight delay. This is precisely why people lose thousands of EUR every year, even though they are entitled to compensation for the delayed flights.

There are several reasons behind the lost money each year, including:

  • Lack of knowledge about the right to compensation.
  • Difficulty in understanding the entire compensation process on their own.
  • Airlines rejecting compensation claims based on false information.

Fortunately, help is available. Refundmore has already assisted hundreds of thousands of passengers in receiving their rightful compensation for flight delays, which they would not have received otherwise. We help you get your money back after a flight delay that may have affected the rest of your journey or simply caused significant inconvenience.

When am I entitled to compensation for a delayed flight?

Your entitlement to compensation depends on the duration of the delay, measured by the time you arrive at your final destination. Typically, compensation is triggered if you are delayed by more than three hours, and legally, you are considered "arrived" when the aircraft doors are opened, and passengers are allowed to disembark.

You generally have the right to compensation if you:

  • Are traveling from an EU country
  • Are traveling to an EU country with an EU-based airline (there are exceptions to this rule, such as Swiss and Norwegian airlines, which may affect your right to compensation)

For example, if you are flying from the USA to Dubai, you are not covered by the legislation and not entitled to compensation for flight delays, even if your flight is delayed by more than three hours. The same applies when flying to Europe with non-EU airlines like American Airlines, as they are not EU-based carriers.

How much compensation can I expect?

Here is your compensation calculated in EUR per passenger:

Reason Delayed arrival Flights under 1.500 km Flights 1.501 - 3.500 km Flights over 3.500 km between EU-countries Flights over 3.500 km to/from EU-countries
Cancelled* 2 – 3 hours 250 € 200 € 200 € 300 €
Cancelled /Delayed 3 – 4 hours 250 € 400 € 400 € 300 €
Cancelled/Delayed More than 4 hours** 250 € 400 € 400 € 600 €
Overbooked   250 € 400 € 400 € 600 €

* If the cancellation occurs less than 7 days before the scheduled departure.

** If the cancellation occurs between 14-7 days before the scheduled departure.

Your entitlement to compensation depends on the length of the direct flight. The longer you fly, the higher the compensation you may be entitled to. If you are unsure about the amount you are entitled to, you can easily find the answer using our compensation calculator. Simply enter the departure and arrival airports, details about your airline, and your delay.

How does Refundmore assist with my compensation?

Refundmore consists of lawyers, legal experts, claims specialists, and caseworkers, all ready to assist you in claiming the rightful compensation for a delayed flight.

Everyone at Refundmore is a specialist or expert in EU Regulation 261/2004, which gives air passengers the right to claim compensation.

If you experience a flight delay, we are here to help you in the following way:

  1. You contact us and provide information about the delayed flight.
  2. We draft a legal claim on your behalf.
  3. If the claim is rejected by the airline, Refundmore can purchase access to relevant information and technical data that can support your case.
  4. If the claim is still rejected by the airline, and our assessment indicates that you are still entitled to compensation for the delayed flight, we can take your case to court or other legal instances.
  5. As a last resort, we can bring the case to the enforcement court, which can enforce the payment of compensation.

Refundmore has already assisted nearly 300,000 passengers in obtaining their rightful compensation for flight delays. This means that we have collected over 40 million EUR in compensation from airlines at the time of writing - money that could have easily been overlooked or lost if Refundmore had not helped the affected passengers.

How often do people experience flight delays?

You are most likely to encounter a delayed flight at some point as flight delays happen relatively frequently. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of their rights regarding compensation for the delay.

Refundmore has already assisted nearly 300,000 passengers in obtaining compensation for flight delays over time. However, this number only represents those who have already received assistance for their compensation claims, indicating that the actual number of flight delays occurs much more frequently. This is due, in part, to some passengers being unaware that they are entitled to compensation.

Where do I seek compensation for a flight delay?

You can seek compensation for a flight delay by contacting the airline directly. You will need to submit a formal compensation claim to the airline, providing details about your flight, the delay, and any supporting documentation..

Alternatively, you can seek assistance from compensation service providers like Refundmore, who specialize in handling compensation claims for flight delays. They can guide you through the process, handle all the necessary communication with the airline on your behalf, and increase your chances of receiving the rightful compensation smoothly and efficiently.

Claim compensation for flight delay.

What do I do if my flight is delayed and I don't make it to the next one?

You may be eligible for compensation if you miss your connecting flight due to a delay in a previous flight. Your rights for compensation depend on whether you have purchased the entire journey as a single booking with the same reservation number or if you have purchased the flights separately.

If you have booked a connected flight with a layover and your first flight is delayed, you may be entitled to compensation if you miss the next connection.

However, if you have purchased two separate flight tickets, the airline may not always be held responsible for your missed connection, but you could still be eligible for compensation for the delay of the first flight.

Unusual circumstances may affect your eligibility for compensation, so it's essential to check the specific terms and conditions provided by the airline in such cases.

Extraordinary circumstances for flight delays

If the delay is caused by so-called "extraordinary circumstances" beyond the airline's control, you are not entitled to compensation.

Extraordinary delay causes may include:

  • Unusual weather conditions (if they pose a safety risk)
  • Acts of terrorism/military coup and political unrest (circumstances that threaten public security)
  • Air traffic control restrictions (ATC)
  • Sudden illness or incapacitation of a passenger
  • Strikes among air traffic controllers

You should be aware that in some cases, the airline may label the cause of the flight delay as an "extraordinary circumstance," even if the reason is actually within the airline's control. They do this to avoid compensation obligations, and this is where Refundmore comes into play.

Situations that are not 'extraordinary circumstances'

Here are some examples of situations that are generally not considered "extraordinary circumstances," meaning you are still entitled to compensation:

  • Technical problems with the aircraft.
  • Staff shortages, including strikes among the airline's own personnel.

Often, we see airlines rejecting valid claims (e.g., by indicating unusual weather conditions, even if the weather was generally acceptable). Therefore, we always recommend that you file a case with Refundmore if you disagree with the airline's decision.

If you are unsure whether you are entitled to compensation, enter your travel information in our calculator below and get an immediate response. You are also welcome to send an email to [email protected].

How long do I have the right to claim compensation for a flight delay?

If your flight is delayed, don't give up if you haven't had the chance to claim compensation immediately. You can actually make your claim for up to 3 years after the flight delay.

Whether you are traveling to or from Denmark, you have the opportunity to seek your rightful compensation for up to 3 years after experiencing the flight delay. If you are seeking compensation for an old case, it is essential to have saved all relevant documents and receipts, as this will make the process easier.

It is important to remember that each country has its own rules regarding the time limit for claiming compensation for flight delays, but it is usually a lengthy period, giving you ample time to get your money back.

If you have previously experienced a flight delay but are unsure if you can still claim compensation, do not hesitate to contact Refundmore - we are here to assist you.

Can I also get a refund for my other expenses in connection with a flight delay?

You may be eligible for both compensation and additional expenses in connection with a flight delay. For instance, if you experience a longer delay, you might be entitled to food, drinks, hotel accommodation, or transportation to a reasonable and appropriate extent.

However, Refundmore unfortunately does not assist in obtaining reimbursement for potential additional expenses. Based on our experience, airlines are more likely to refund these minor expenses directly to passengers when they contact the airlines themselves. On the other hand, airlines are less willing to refund the costs of flight tickets, which is why we focus on helping with flight ticket compensation and not other expenses.

We have made it easy and straightforward for you to understand your rights regarding reimbursement for additional expenses in connection with flight delays

Can I receive compensation for delayed baggage?

Typically, your own travel insurance will provide compensation for lost or delayed baggage, including in the event of a flight delay. If you have travel insurance, you should inquire with them about the process for claiming your compensation.

Would you like to learn more about your rights in this situation? Read more about how to handle delayed or lost baggage.

Why can my airline reduce the compensation claim by up to 50%?

If your flight is delayed or canceled, and the airline offers you a rebooking or alternative route to your destination, where you arrive less than 2 hours later than originally scheduled for short flights, less than 3 hours later for medium-haul flights, and less than 4 hours later for long-haul flights, the airline may have the right to reduce your compensation by up to 50%.

What does it cost to use Refundmore for compensation assistance?

At Refundmore, we are on your side. Therefore, we also operate on a "no cure - no pay" principle when assisting you with your compensation claim in connection with your flight delay.

Our principle means that you won't have to pay anything if you are not eligible for compensation or a refund for your delayed flight. This ensures the best experience for you. It means that it is financially risk-free for you to find out if you are entitled to compensation or a refund.

In other words, for us to consider the case as won and be able to claim payment, it requires that we have received a payout from the airline, from which we can deduct a fee. Therefore, you will never have to pay any money upfront, as we only charge a fee based on the amount we successfully claim.

You can find a comprehensive list of our prices here.

Should I choose cash compensation or vouchers for flight delay?

Sometimes, airlines choose to offer vouchers, miles, or points as compensation for flight delays, and these offers can be tempting to accept when you are frustrated and tired. However, you should consider some factors before accepting them.

Make sure that by accepting a voucher, you won't forfeit your right to later claim the cash compensation you are entitled to. According to the regulations, compensation should be paid either in cash or via a bank transfer unless a voucher is chosen instead. Therefore, you should think about whether you prefer cash compensation or a voucher/coupon before accepting or declining the offer.

It is your own choice whether you want cash compensation or a voucher. Many people often find it easier to accept a coupon or voucher rather than pursue compensation on their own, but this is precisely where Refundmore can assist you.

What are my rights as a passenger according to EU Regulation 261/2004?

EU Regulation 261/2004 applies to flights that:

  • Depart from an airport in the EU (regardless of the airline)
  • Land at an airport in the EU with a European airline (though there may be exceptions for Swiss and Norwegian airlines


The flight must also fall into one of these three categories:

  • The flight is delayed by at least 2 hours on a route of 1500 km or less.
  • The flight is delayed by 3 hours or more on intra-EU routes or routes longer than 1500 km.
  • The flight is delayed by 3 hours or more on routes between 1500 and 3500 km.

As a passenger on a delayed flight, you are fortunately well-covered under EU Regulation.


If the flight delay falls within the specified legal framework, you may be entitled to the following:

  • Meals and refreshments appropriate to the length of the delay.
  • Two phone calls or emails.
  • Hotel accommodation and transportation if the delay requires an overnight stay or multiple nights.
  • Refund of the flight ticket(s).
    • This applies if the flight delay is 5 hours or more, and you choose not to continue the journey.
    • if the delayed flight is part of other connecting flights that cannot be reached and thus have no purpose.
    • You can also choose to exchange your flight ticket for a return ticket to the original departure airport of the journey.
  • Compensation if the flight delay is 3 hours or more.

If you need assistance in obtaining the appropriate compensation for a flight delay, Refundmore can help. Create a case in just 3 minutes, and let us handle the rest.

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