About Refundmore

We collect your compensation for flight delays, cancellations and overbookings

Refundmore consists of lawyers and Scandinavian legal specialists within air passengers rights. We help you, flight passengers, to receive the compensation you might be entitled to as a result of a flight delay, cancellation or an overbooking.

The airlines often neglect their passengers and their responsibility to minimise flight disruptions, and they make it nearly impossible for some passengers to claim their entitled compensation directly. But Refundmore will make sure the airlines are held responsible and pay compensation if they are to blame - thus our mission is to bring justice to air travellers.

Refundmore has existed since 2014 along with our Scandinavian sites: Flyhjælp (Denmark), Flyhjelp (Norway), Flyghjälp (Sweden) and Lentoapu (Finland).

Today, we are more than 35 employees who help thousands of passengers all over Northern Europe every day by representing the passengers against the airlines.

A team of legal experts in air passengers rights

By creating a case on, you will get a legal assessment of your case. Refundmore consists of legal experts in air passengers rights. Furthermore, we are authorized by the state of Denmark and Sweden to collect compensations on behalf of air passengers all over the world.

At this moment, Refundmore has helped more than 150,000 passengers to receive their entitled compensation, and of all the cases which we have assessed are entitled to compensation, we win 98%. 

Refundmore's employees

40 of Refundmore's employees gathered for the presentation of our mission and vision. February 2019.

How it all began

It all began ... with a delay 

Good ideas often arise out of the ambition to solve problems in a new manner.

The idea behind Refundmore occurred when Phillip, one of the founders, ex-girlfriend late in 2013 on a trip to Turkey was delayed for seven long hours. The delay ruined the entire first day of their holiday.

According to the EU-Regulations, she was entitled to compensation. Philip explored the options concerning compensation and realized how difficult it was to make the airline acknowledge their responsibility and pay out the compensation according to the law.

Phillip is definitely not the type who gives up easily. Therefore, he allied himself with his friend, Gustav, who at that time was studying law. Gustav brought the case to the authorities. He won the case and ensured that Philip’s girlfriend received the compensation she was entitled to.

After that episode, everything went fast - and the two friends, Philip and Gustav, received many inquiries from passengers, who also experienced that the airlines would not pay.

Today, Gustav is the CEO of Refundmore, and yes, the rest is history.

Since then, Refundmore has collected more than €25 million from the major airlines and transferred the money to our many customers.

Philip Brechmann, Gustav Frederik Thybo, Alex Kirkeberg og Johan Thybo

Philip Brechmann, Gustav Thybo, Alex Kirkeberg og Johan Thybo

How do you help me?

It only takes 2 minutes to create an online case to claim your compensation.

  1. Fill in your travel information.
  2. We will handle your case and keep you informed throughout the process.
  3. If we win the case, our fee corresponds to a maximum of 30% of the collected compensation. We will transfer your share directly to your bank account. If our technical evidence suggests you are not eligible for compensation, there will be no fee and our work has been for free. No cure - no pay.

What our customer say about us

Excellent service...

“Excellent service. After creating our case, which incidentally was very easy, we were notified 5 days later, that Refundmore had received our compensation. Two days later, the money was sent to our bank account. If we are ever going to use a claim agency again, we will definitely choose Refundmore!“

I am happy I chose Refundmore...

“I am happy I chose Refundmore, because they didn’t give up easily even though it was a complicated case. Hard work pays off, and I ended up getting all my money back. Save yourself the trouble, and let Refundmore do the work.“

With a processing time less than...

“With a processing time less than 2 weeks, concerning an almost 3 year old delay - I must admit that, this is pure efficiency. Thank you so much for the help! Highly recommendations from here!”

Gustav Thybo Founder & CEO

Gustav Thybo

Founder & CEO

Johan Thybo Co-founder & CFO

Johan Thybo

Co-founder & CFO

Frederik Thede CTO

Frederik Thede



Benedikte B. Lund

CLO & Head of Lawsuit


Frederik Hedegaard

Chief Marketing Officer






Communications Manager

Laurits Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker






Assistant Manager - Lawsuit



Law Student

Johan Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker

Patrick Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker

Gustav Case Worker


Case Worker




Noah Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker

Tobias Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker

Emma Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker

Mikkas Senior Case Worker


Senior Case Worker






Law Student



Office Dog



Case worker

Nis Case Worker


Case Worker

Cecilie Case Worker


Case Worker

Matteo Law student


Law student

150.000 customers
190 mil. kr. compensation
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