Rights as a flight passenger
Are you familiar with the rights of air passengers and do you know when you are entitled to receive compensation?


In case you have fallen victim to an unlucky flight or just want to know your rights during flight delays, you can read all about your rights on this page. If your plane was more than three hours delayed, in many cases you are entitled to compensation of up to EUR 600 (£540).


On the front page, you can calculate how much compensation, you may be entitled to receive, or you can read more about your passenger rights below. To claim your compensation, you could either read and understand the implications of the laws and regulations regarding air passenger rights and then contact the airline regarding your claim, or you could simply let Refundmore handle your case e tirely. Refundmore will handle all the complicated communication and take the case all the way to court if the airline rejects your claim. Refundmore's fee is 25% of the collected compensation.

Flight delays

Was your flight delayed? When your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, can you be entitled to be compensated for up to 600 EUR! Read about your rights when delayed


When experiencing cancellations of your flight you may be entitled to up to 600 EUR in compensation as well as new tickets for your destination. Read more about cancellations.

Denied boarding

If you were denied boarding your flight, for example if the flight was overbooked, are you entitled to compensation and new tickets. Read more denied boarding.

Lost luggage

What to do if the airline lost your luggage? Are you entitled to receive compensation? Read our advice when experiencing lost luggage.

Additional expenses

If you find yourself unlucky and fall victim to delays or cancellations are you often entitled to be reimbursed by the airline for any additional expenses you might have incurred during your delay. Read more about additional expenses.

Missing a connecting flight

Did one delay lead to a next? It happens that one short delay leads to another if you don't make it to your connecting flight in time. Se mere om Read more about your rights when missing a connecting flight.

Problems when claiming compensation

There are some problems, which may make it impossible to claim the compensation in the particular case. Read more about it in the pages above. 

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