Your rights as an air passenger

Delays or cancellations? These are your rights 

Delays, cancellations and unexpected extra expenses. When travelling, obstacles can quickly arise, and therefore, knowledge about your rights is fundamental. Refundmore has made it easy for you to get to know your rights.

You are able to claim compensation for flight disruptions up to three years back in time, in some countries longer, ten years in Sweden for instance (However, Swedish law stipulates an intial contact with the airline within two months after the departure date).

If you are flying from and between EU-countries, you may be entitled to compensation. The monetary size of the compensation depends on the flight distance. You may also be entitled to compensation, if you fly from a state outside the EU, to an airport within the EU, as long as the air carrier is registered as an EU airline.

If the flight delay or cancellation was caused by “extraordinary circumstances” you probably aren't entitled to compensation. Extraordinary circumstances could be bad weather conditions, ATC-restrictions (air traffic restrictions), terrorist/military actions etc. However, even if there are extraordinary circumstances, the airline still has to provide assistance according to the Regulations. Failure to provide assistance could indicate you are entitled to compensation.

In the following, you will be introduced to what makes you eligible for compensation, and how much you may be entitled to:

Reason Delayed arrival time Flight distance under 1,500 km Flight distance 1,501 - 3,500 km Flight distance more than 3,500 between EU-countries Flights over 3,500 km to/from EU-countries
Cancelled*   2 - 3 hours      250 €      200 €      200 €      300 €
Cancelled / Delayed   3 - 4 hours      250 €      400 €      400 €      300 €
Cancelled / Delayed More than 4 hours**      250 €      400 €      400 €      600 €
Overbooked        250 €      400 €      400 €      600 €

* If cancellation is less than 7 days before the planned departure.

**If cancelled between 14-7 days before the planned departure.

You also have the right to have expenses relating to food and drinks as well as the cost of some telephone calls refunded. If the cancellation causes an overnight stay, you have the right to a paid hotel for the night. Please notice that the use of these rights depend on the duration of the delay.

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