Refundmores guide for the right travel insurance

October 2021

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Refundmores guide for the right travel insurance


A trip abroad is mainly connected to relaxing and fun times, but occasionally problems can occur. That's why it's always a good idea to have the right travel insurance so you can travel with both a secure and good feeling in the stomach.


What is travel insurance? 


Travel insurance secures you when you are on vacation and abroad. It's very reasonable to have travel insurance due to the fact of unexpected events happening. In such cases, you may not be insured because you are in another country, and your standard insurance only applies in the home country. 


Travel insurance can help you in a problematic situation, whether it's dealing with canceling your flight, theft, or some medical needs. 


Most common travel insurances cover: 


  • Theft

  • Canceling of flight (Canceling by own choice)  

  • Lost or delayed baggage

  • Big crises and natural disasters

  • Liability (If you caused damage to objects or persons)

  • Doctor, hospital, and other medical needs

  • Possible evacuation

  • Home transport

  • Crise help

  • Compensation in case of illness


Does the travel insurance cover my flight if it gets canceled or delayed? 


The travel insurance does not cover your flight if it gets canceled or delayed by the airline. Although you as a passenger still may have the right to compensation from the airline if that occurs. The regulation EC 261/04 secures your right to compensation as a passenger who experiences a cancellation or a delay of 3 hours or more. 


Refundmore is experts in passenger rights, and we can help you claim your compensation. Create your case here.


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Flyhjælp rejseforsiking aflyst eller forsinkey fly

Therefore, we here at Refundmore recommend that you get travel insurance to prepare for any unlucky circumstance as a traveler. You should have a travel insurance that covers all of the above-mentioned points or at least most of them, so you are ready for any unexpected situation. 

A good tip is choosing to sign a travel insurance with an insurance company and not through the airline or the travel agency. The insurance companies are experts and can guide and offer you the best travel insurance for your needs. Also, if you are already assigned to an insurance company, you can either combine or extend your insurance to cover travel. That will for you be easier, better and cheaper to do. 


Also to be aware of regarding travels in the EU.

If you are an EU citizen, you as a traveler have some rights when traveling in between the EU, which necessarily doesn't have to be covered by the travel insurance. A good travel insurance takes legal rights into account, so you don't have to pay more for unnecessary coverage.

One of the legal rights is regarding illness. This means when you travel between the EU and get ill, you have the right to medical care with your blue EU health insurance certificate. 


That means you don't have to have that covered in your insurance because you are covered as long as you are within EU borders. 


Remember that you also can read more about your passenger rights here

By Philip Brechmann