Flight cancel or delay with Wizz Air - Receive up to 600 EUR

September 2021

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If you got your flight canceled or delayed for 3 hours or more with Wizz Air in the past 3 years, then you possibly are justified compensation from the airline. 


Wizz Air is a Hungarian low-cost airline that mainly operates in Europe. Wizz Air is a European airline which means the regulation EC 261/04 applies in their cases. The regulation EC 261/04 was established to protect you as a passenger who experiences an unfair cancellation or delay of the flight. For that reason, can you possibly claim compensation depending on the size of the travel. 


At Refundmore, we have experience with Wizz Air cases. Therefore claiming compensation from the airline company isn't impossible. Have you experienced a flight delay or cancellation with Wizz Air? By using our calculator, you can quickly and easily find out if your flight is justified for compensation. Do you want to know more about your rights as a passenger and what requirements there are for your flight to be justified compensation, then continue reading under the picture.





Compensation for flight cancellation with Wizz Air 

The amount of compensation for a canceled flight depends on two factors: The delayed arrival time and the flight's distance in kilometers. For example, suppose your flight from Budapest, Hungary to Copenhagen, Denmark (1018 km) gets canceled 7 days before departure, and you arrive 2 hours later than scheduled. In that case, you are justified 250 EUR in compensation. 


Compensation for flight delay with Wizz Air

The two factors, as mentioned earlier, are also applicable for the compensated amount for flight delays. For example, if your flight from Budapest, Hungary to Madrid, Spain (1980 km) gets delayed for more than 4 hours, then you'd be justified 400 EUR in compensation. 


You can, in the table below, get a better overview of what you per. passenger can claim in compensation:


By Philip Brechmann