Cancelled Flight Due To The Corona Virus

April 2020

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Cancelled flight due to the Corona virus

It is hardly a secret that the infamous COVID-19, or Corona virus, has made its way to most parts of the world. As the contagion is rapidly spreading across the different parts of the world, more and more health and safety measures have been implemented. Due to the high risk of infection and lack of demand for travel caused by fears of the virus, a multitude of airlines have cancelled flights and shut down operations. Norwegian has cancelled 3.000 flights because of the virus, which amounts to 15% of all the airline’s flights.

You are not entitled to compensation if your cancellation is due to the Corona virus, however, you are entitled to a refund for your tickets. If you would like our assistance in this matter, please click on the button below. Our fee is 30% if we win your case, and our service is free if we do not. No cure – no pay.

Your rights in relation to Corona cancellations

According to EC-Regulations 261/2004, passengers do not have a right to compensation if a cancellation is due to an extraordinary circumstance, also known as “force majeure”. The Corona virus is a circumstance that the airline could not have foreseen and which is outside the airline’s sphere of control.

However, this does not mean that you do not have rights. You still have a right to a refund, just as you do for a cancellation for any other reason. You are entitled to get a refund, or to be rebooked to your destination as soon as possible.

Did you experience a cancellation, which wasn’t related to the Corona virus, and you want our help? Then click here to claim your compensation.

Cancel your flight

A lot of European countries have implemented regulations to contain the infection. For example, all flights to Denmark have been banned from areas classified as red zones. Nevertheless, despite a high risk of contagion, most airlines continue to fly certain routes.

If you booked a flight to an area actively discouraged by the authorities, you can get a refund of the flight. We recommend you contact the airline and ask for your flight to be rebooked to a later date, or a refund of the tickets. If the airline can’t help you, you can get a refund from your insurance company – provided you have travel insurance that covers cancellations.

If you own a Mastercard and you booked the flight with this card, you might be covered through Mastercard. If in doubt, you should contact yourbank.

How can I be certain that the Corona virus was the reason for my flight cancellation?

f the airlines use an extraordinary circumstance as reasoning behind the cancellation, even though it is not, it means that it is a cancellation based on fiscal reasoning, meaning it is more financially bearable for the airline not to perform the flight.

For passengers, it is difficult to assess whether a cancellation is due to an extraordinary circumstance like the Corona virus or something else. We recommend you pay attention to the authorities and their guidance, when determining if a cancellation is due to the virus.

There are certain geographical areas, in which the authorities are discouraging travelers from entering. Still, if you booked a flight to Berlin and the flight is cancelled less then 14 days prior to departure due to the Corona virus, we recommend you seek legal counsel as to how to assess the cancellation.

Refundmore recommends all travelers to seek counsel from our Legal Support, if they are unsure about what caused their cancellation.

Our telephone hours are limited in these Corona times. You can call Legal Support on Mondays from 10 am – 3 pm on our number 82 82 90 90 or mail: [email protected]. Our chat is also available every day from Monday to Friday.

If you planned a journey these next couple of months, you should visit the Foreign Ministry’s or the Health Ministry’s website, where you can find more information about how to avoid being infected. On the Foreign Ministry’s website, you can also find travel guides for several different countries.

By Melik Karatas