SAS pilot strike


If your flight is cancelled, you might be entitled to compensation, between 250-400-600 EUR, depending on the length of your booking. SAS pilots were also on strike in April 2019, where the EU court ruled that SAS had to pay their passengers compensation. Therefore, according to case law, affected passengers of the strike in 2022 should also be entitled to compensation, unless they were notified of the cancellation more than 14 days prior to the departure date.


What are my rights and options?


You have rights in connection with cancelled flights. You can

  1. Ask SAS for a refund of your flight ticket.
  2. Ask SAS to be rebooked as soon as possible. SAS must rebook passengers to another departure as close as possible to the original flight.
  3. If SAS does not rebook you, you can buy new flight tickets yourself, or alternative transport (trains or rental car) and then SAS must refund the price of the new tickets.
  4. If SAS for instance rebooks you to a flight 2 days later, and you manage to find a flight that departs 1 day earlier, you are entitled to be rebooked to the earlier flight, also with other airlines. If SAS refuses to rebook to an earlier flight, you can buy the tickets yourself, and SAS must refund the price of the new tickets.
  5. Remember, it must be a reasonable expense. You cannot book first class tickets or hire a private plan. 






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